The Location


Over the last two decades Miami and its metropolitan surroundings have become one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. A tropical southern US city where North and South America converge… with spice added by newcomers from Europe and Asia. We invite you to stand by a corner and you will hear locals and visitors speaking English, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin and many other languages. Standby Lincoln Road and you will see some of the most beautiful and happy people walking by… a living mosaic of colors and races.

Miami is a “crossover” US city with predominantly Latin-American flavors. Combine this with beautiful beaches, a passion for Caribbean music, museums, art of all types and haute international cuisine and you will understand why the Miami metropolitan area has become an exquisite destination. The Miami seashores provide one of the most amazing sensorial experiences in the whole world. The sound of rolling waves, breezes over palm trees, festive music in the background combine with beautiful sunsets to create an ambiance that cannot be found in any other metropolitan area in the world. We welcome you to the multicultural mosaic of Miami. For more information, please refer to: http://www.miamiandbeaches.com